The Rise and Fall of Penn Station     A one-hour documentary for television

by Michael Tramis


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Written by Lorraine B. Diehl author of the book “The Late, Great Pennsylvania Station” (Houghten Mifflin, 1985).

Edited by Tom Donahue editor of “Guest of Cindy Sherman” (2009).  Tom is currently directing “Casting By”  A feature documentary about the history and impact of the Hollywood Casting Director and the accomplishments of the

"one-woman casting revolution", Marion Dougherty.


3D graphics by David Beker five spectacular scenes in total for a virtual walk-through of the station.  David graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and is  now an architect working in San Francisco.

Diredted by Michael Tramis photographer and preservationist, who initiated the restoration of the Richard Morris Hunt Memorial on Fifth Avenue in New York City. Hunt was the first American architect to study at the famed Ecole des Beaux-Artes in Paris.




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